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In a room four men were seated at a large table

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导读: Inaroomfourmenwereseatedatalargetable.Afteraskingme___1___aboutmyplaceofbirthandmyRoyalAirForceexperience,theybeganto___2___mecarefullyontelecommunications.NowIwasconfident,ateasewitha___3___subject.T...
In a room four men were seated at a large table


In a room four men were seated at a large table. After asking me ___1___ about my place of birth and my Royal Air Force experience, they began to ___2___ me carefully on telecommunications. Now I was confident, at ease with a ___3___ subject. The years of study and work began to ___4___, and I knew I was doing well. I was ___5___ enjoying it. When it was over, one of them said: “Well, now, we are completely ___6___ with your replies and we feel sure that you are well ___7___ for the post we have in mind. But we are faced with a certain ___8__. If we employ you, it means we must ___9___ you in a position of authority over a number of our english ___10___: Many of them have been with us for a long time, and we feel ___11___ that your appointment would upset the good ___12___ within the firm. We could not offer that post and we would not ask you to ___13___ one or two other positions of a different ___14___. They exist, but they are not ___15___ for someone like you. So I’m afraid, we will not be ___16___ to offer you the post. ”

I felt suddenly ___17___, and I was quite unable to think. Yet somehow I ___18___ to leave that office, ___19___ that I had either forgotten or completely ignoredduring the exciting years of the war—my own black ___20___.

1. A. carefully           B. briefly                  C. carelessly              D. politely

2. A. tell                   B. explain                 C. question               D. try

3. A. familiar            B. new                      C. impossible            D. difficult

4. A. make out          B. pay off                 C. find out                D. rush off

5. A. just                  B. specially               C. even                     D. simply

6。 A. satisfied            B. annoyed                C. excited                 D. bored

7. A. ready                B. suited                   C. trained                 D. anxious

8. A. position            B. reason                  C. purpose                D. difficulty

9。 A. place                B. treat                     C. show                    D. expect

10。 A. leaders            B. employees             C. customers             D. audience

11. A. clear               B. sad                       C. sure                     D. content

12. A. appearance      B. relations               C. post                     D. salary

13. A. offer               B. accept                   C. buy                      D. find

14. A. firm               B. school                  C. piece                    D. type

15。 A. friendly          B. suitable                 C. valuable               D. necessary

16. A. able                B. ready                    C. eager                    D. content

17. A. certain            B. afraid                   C. free                      D. weak

18. A. had                 B. managed               C. ought                   D. used

19. A. regarding        B. recognizing           C. considering           D. realizing

20. A. face                B. skin                      C. hair                      D. hand英语学习资料




1. B。从上下文可知这是找工作的一次面试,因此的出生地和皇家空军经历并不重要,他们只是简单地问了问。briefly 简单地,简要地。

2. C。从上下文来看,当时正接受面试,他们开始问问题。

3。 A。从空前的 Now I was confident 及后面的 The years of study and work… 等来看,他们问的问题很熟悉。

4. B。从上下文来看,回答非常好,这是多年的学习和工作开始有了回报。pay off 有回报,使人得益

5。 C。前面说非常自信,多年的学习和工作有了回报等,这说明在面试中不紧张,而是甚至有些喜欢这些话题了。这些与下文的没有录用我形成鲜明的对比。

6. A。从下文 we feel sure that you are well ___7__ for the post…But we are faced with… 等来看,他们对的回答非常满意。

7. B。从后面的 But we are faced with a certain… 等来看,尽管他们对的答复很满意,而且也相信适合这个职务,但他们有难题be suited for / to sth 意为适合某事/

8。 D。这是他们不录用所找的借口,说要录用有某些难处。

9. A/ 10. B。这是他们提出的一种假设,如果他们录用了,那就意味着他们把安排在一个高于他们许多英国雇员的位置之上。

11. C/ 12. B。这是他们拒绝时说的话。从上下文看,他们决不会录用,故语气比较坚决,用 sure 合乎语境,即我们确信对你的任命会扰乱公司与他们的关系clear 明白,指理解程度,不合题意。

13. B。从上下文来看,他们不仅不把这份工作提供给,而且也不能愿意让接受其他工种。

14. Dtype 种类,这里指工作

15. B。句意为工作确实有,但都不适合像你这样的人be suitable for… 意为适合某人

16。 A。前面说工作有,但不提供给这样的人等可推测,他们不能把这份工作提供给。

17. D。前面说对这份工作充满了自信,回答问题也非常好,但得知他们将不录用时,就像一盆冷水浇下来,顿时觉得浑身无力,说明非常失望。weak 虚脱,脆弱,这里指受到了打击。

18。 B。前面说一下子浑身无力,大脑好像停止了思考,再结合后面的 But可推测,还是努力离开了那办公室。

19. D/ 20. B。经过这个事件明白了一个事实,那就是经过多年激烈的战争,忽略了或忘记了我的肤色——黑色。英语学习资料

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