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Mr. Jackson was on duty that evening——完形填空

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导读: Mr.Jacksonwasondutythatevening.Itwas1andtherewasthicksnowoutside.So2peoplecametothehospitalandhecould__3onthebedinhisofficeandsoonhewentto4.Suddenlysomeoneknockedatthedooranditwokehimup.Hegotupand5the...
Mr. Jackson was on duty that evening——完形填空

  Mr. Jackson was on duty that evening. It was   1   and there was
thick snow outside. So   2   people came to the hospital and he could __3   on the bed in his office and soon he went to   4  . Suddenly someone knocked at the door and it woke him up. He got up and   5   the door. In went an old man. His wife was   6   and he asked the doctor to go to look her over.
It was still   7   when Mr. Jackson came out. The old farmer
walked fast and he hardly   8   him. It was difficult for him to walk on the snowy roads. When he got to the man’s house, he was very   9  . He looked over the old woman and found she had a bad cold. He gave her some   10   and began to return to the hospital. The wind was blowing strongly and he had to walk   11   so that he wouldn’t fall over.
And when he was near the hospital, he had a   12   in his foot。
He walked slowly and at last he went into his office, He   13   his shoe and looked at his foot. There was much blood (血) on it. He   14   he stepped on (踩) a broken bottle. He looked at his shoe carefully and said to   15  , “Luckily, it didn’t prick(扎)my shoe!”  
  1. A. hot                      B. warm                      C. cool                 D. cold
  2. A. few              B. a few                      C. some                D. many
  3。 A。 play             B。 dance                      C。 lie down           D。 sit down
  4. A. work            B. sleep                C. study                D. write

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