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导读: 意识形态领域realmofideology迎难而上bravedifficulties拥军supportthearmy(拥军)优属givepreferentialtreatmenttothefamiliesofservicemenandmartyrs拥政supportthegovernment永享太平enjoyalastingpeace永远不变的军...

 意识形态领域 realm of ideology

迎难而上 brave difficulties

拥军 support the army

(拥军)优属 give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs

拥政 support the government

永享太平 enjoy a lasting peace

永远不变的军魂 the eternal soul of the army

用人失察责任追究 accountability for neglect of supervisory duty

用人失误责任追究 accountability for the use of the wrong person

优化结构 optimize structure
拓宽领域 broaden the fields of endeavor

完成祖国统一 the complete realization of the reunification of the motherland

完善自己 self-improvement

万众一心 work with one heart and one mind

微调 fine-tuning

违法必究 law-breakers must be prosecuted

唯一标准 the sole criterion

维护世界和平与促进共同发展 to safeguard world peace and promote common development

卫生体育事业 health and sports undertakings

温饱工程 adequate food and clothing program  

能上能下 prepared for both promotion and demotion

农村扶贫开发 to alleviate rural poverty through development

农村税费改革 reform of rural taxes and administrative charges

农业、农村和农民问题 problems facing agriculture, rural areas and farmers

农业和农村工作 agriculture and rural work

农业基础地位 agriculture as the foundation of the economy

弄虚作假 falsification

培养人才 personnel training

贫困群众 people in financial difficulties

平稳过渡 smooth transition of power

全国人大代表 deputy to the national People's Congress

全国政协 the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

全会 plenary sessions

全面建设小康社会 build a well-off society in an all-round way; build a moderately prosperous society in all respects

全面展开 in full swing

权责脱节 divorce between powers and responsibilities

群众 the general public

人大 People's Congresses

人大常委会 the standing committees

人大代表 NPC (National People's Congress) member

走在前列 to spearhead

组织监督 organizational supervision

祖国 one's home country; motherland

祖国统一 national reunification; reunification of the motherland

祖国统一大业 the great cause of national reunification

最广大人民 the overwhelming majority of the people

最广泛的 the broadest possible

母校 Alma Mater

学士学位 bachelor's degree

人才流失 brain drain

增强忧患意识 be mindful of potential danger

战略部署 strategic plan

战略性调整 strategic adjustment

朝气蓬勃、奋发有为的领导层 energetic and promising leadership

整顿和规范 to be rectified and standardized

正规化 regularized

政府干预 government intervention

政府机构 government organs; government institutions

政府特殊津贴 special government allowance

政事分开 separating the functions of government from those of institutions

治党治国治军 running the party, state and army

智力支持 intellectual support

中共中央 the CPC (Communist Party of China) central committee

中共中央委员会 CCCP (Central Committee of Communist Party)

中国共产党第十七次全国代表大会 the seventeenth national congress of the CPC

中国特色社会主义事业 Socialism with Chinese characteristics

中华儿女 all sons and daughters of the Chinese nation

中华民族的伟大复兴 the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

中华文明 the Chinese civilization

中西部地区 central and western regions 

人大精神 the spirit of the congress

人尽其才 put sb. to the best use

人力资源优势得到充分发挥 a full display of advantages in human resources

人民的物质文化需要 material and cultural needs of the people

人民民主专政 the people's democratic dictatorship

人民生活更加殷实 upgrade the texture of life for the people

人民团体 mass organizations

人民政协 the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

人心向背 the trend of popular sentiment

人员往来 personnel exchanges

区域性组织 regional organizations

曲折的道路 tortuous road

取长补短 draw upon one another's strong points

取得丰硕成果 yield substantial results

取得巨大成就 score tremendous achievements

取消农业特产税 repeal taxes on special agricultural products

全党 all the party members; whole party

全党集体智慧的结晶 the crystallization of the party's collective wisdom

全方位 all-dimensional

全国各族人民 the Chinese people of all nationalities; people of all ethnic groups of the country 

铺张浪费 extravagance and waste

普选制 general election system

欠发达地区 less developed

强化功能 intensify functions

强强联手 win-win co-operation

强权政治 power politics

侨胞 overseas Chinese

侨务工作 overseas Chinese affairs

勤劳勇敢 industry and courage

求同存异 seek common ground while shelving differences 

DIADefense Intelligence Agency)美国国防情报局

disarmament 裁军

disastrous attacks 灾难性的袭击

drastic changes in eastern Europe 东欧剧变

dumb bomb 自由下落炸弹;普通炸弹;傻瓜炸弹

election 选举

embedded reporters 随军记者

emergency teams 紧急救援队

East Turkistan terrorist "东突"恐怖分子

escape route 脱险路线 

death toll 死亡人数

debris 碎片,残骸

debunk 揭穿,拆穿假面具

the Declaration of Independence <>独立宣言


decriminalization 合法化

deliberate and deadly terrorist acts 有预谋的、致命的恐怖主义行动

dictator 独裁者

disinformation 故意的假情报

doublespeak 故弄玄虚的言词,欺人之谈

doublethink 思想矛盾 

congress (代表)大会

Congress (美国等国的)国会,议会

conscription 征兵,强迫征募

conservatism 保守主义,守旧性

conspiracy 阴谋,共谋

the Constitution 美国宪法

conventional disarmament 常规裁军

counterterrorism 反恐,反暴行

cruise missile 巡航导弹

cyberterrorism 网络恐怖主义 

civil rights 公民权

civil war 内战

Chinook "支奴干"运输直升机(世界著名的重型运输直升机)

cluster bomb 集束炸弹(又称子母弹)

collapse 倒塌

collateral damage 附带损害(尤指在冲突中无辜百姓的死亡;施瓦辛格同名电影《间接伤害》)

collectivism 集体主义

commander-in-chief 司令官

commando 突击队

Communism 共产主义

bipartisan []两党的;代表两党的;得到两党支持的

blitz 闪电战(尤指空袭)

body scan 人体扫描

cabinet 内阁、政府

capitalism 资本主义

Camp David 位于马里兰州的总统度假地戴维营

cannon 大炮;炮袭

cargo planes 运输机

carpet bomb 地毯式轰炸

catastrophic success 灾难性胜利(指大规模、绝对性的胜利,并不是造成灾难的意思)


casualty 伤亡人员

cavalry 原指骑兵;现指(需要借助车辆或直升机快速移动的)突击部队

cease-fire 停战

censorship 审查制度

chancellor 长官、大臣、(德国)总理

chaos 混乱

chemical weapons 化学武器

chemterrorism 化学恐怖主义

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) 美国中央情报局

circuit court 巡回法庭

battalion 军营;军队

bestial act 兽行

bigotry 偏见、偏执、持偏见的行为(态度)

bill 法案、议案

Bill of Rights 权利和自由法案,(美)美国宪法前十条修正案

biochemterrorism 生化恐怖主义

biological weapons 生物武器

biometrics 生物测定

bioterrorism 生物恐怖主义

bioterrorism preparedness 生物恐怖预防

air marshal 为预防劫机而在客机上设的随机军官

aircraft carrier 航空母舰

air piracy 劫机

air strike 空袭

all-out attack 全面进攻

amendment 宪法、法案等的修正案

anarchism 无政府主义

anarchist 无政府主义者

Andean Summit 安第斯集团峰会(拉美国家)

anthrax 炭疽热

职业培训 job training

职业文盲 functional illiterate

专职教师 full-time teacher

智力引进 recruit / introduce (foreign) talents

智商 intelligence quotient (IQ)

中等教育 secondary education

主观能动性 subjective initiative

助学行动 activity to assist the impoverished students

准博士 all but dissertation (ABD)

自费留学 go to study abroad at one's own expense

anonymity 匿名

armada 舰队

armistice 停战协议

artillery 大炮;炮兵部队

assassination 暗杀,行刺

asymmetrical warfare 不对等作战

attorney general 首席检察官,司法部长

autocracy 独裁政治,独裁政府

axis of evil 邪恶轴心

ballistic missile 弹道飞弹 

职业道德 work ethics

职业高中(职高) vocational high school

职业教育 vocational education

三学期制 the trimester system

定向招生 students are admitted to be trained for pre-determined employers

示范试点 demonstration pilot project

动员 mobilize

多学科的 multi-disciplinary

重点大学 key university

ABM (AntiBallistic Missile) 反弹道导弹

absolutism 专制主义

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) 美国公民自由协会

Affirmative Action 平权措施,平等权利政策

a nightmarish day 噩梦般的一天

aerosol spray (用以自卫的)喷雾剂

air base 空军基地

air raid 空袭

airborne 空降部队

air force one 美国空军一号


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