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During the war, an English pilot (飞行员) was hurt——完形填空

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导读: Duringthewar,anEnglishpilot(飞行员)washurt.Buthewas1byagroupofnuns(修女).Hehadbeenvery2andlosthissense.Whenhecametohimselfhewas3tofindawomanbesidehim.ItwasSisterMary.Shesaidtohim,“Thisisawomanho...
During the war, an English pilot (飞行员) was hurt——完形填空

 during the war, an english pilot (飞行员) was hurt. But he was   1   by a group of nuns (修女). He had been very   2   and lost his sense. When he came to himself he was   3   to find a woman beside him. It was Sister Mary. She said to him, “This is a woman hospital. We will   4   you here as long as   5  , but you will have to follow our advice.”
The pilot   6   to make himself up for a nurse. He could not talk with the nurses or the nuns. He had to stay in a small room as   7  as possible. He was asked to shave (刮胡子) every day, wearing a beautiful   8  , and the nurse’s uniforms (制服) . It was a very difficult time, however he didn’t feel very   9   especially when one of the nursing girls caught his eyes. She was very quiet, and ran away whenever she saw him looking at   10  . The pilot found   11   fall in love with her.
        One day he found the nurse working in the kitchen   12  . He went over to her and said, “Please don’t do that. I love you so much.” He started to put his arms   13   the nurse, and then drew back   14  . He found that the nurse was actually   15   pilot saved by the nuns just like himself.
  A. caught              B. saved               C. killed               D. helped
  A. lucky                      B. hungry      C. strong       D. weak  
  A. angry                      B. sorry         C. surprised   D. worried
  A. hide                 B. put            C. take          D. stop
  A. possible            B. able          C. possibly     D. need
  A。 decided            B。 liked         C。 agreed       D。 asked
  A. soon                B. much               C. early         D. late  

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