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Granny Sarya lived outside Moscow——完形填空

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撩乱的裸舞曲,盛宣怀 盛光祖,噬魂炼天

导读: GrannySaryalivedoutsideMoscow.Heronlyson1toAfghanistan(阿富汗)andwaskilledinactionthere.Soonafterthat,herhusbandlosthisjob.Theoldmanwasalways2foodandclothes.AndonawinternighthewentoutalonewhenSaryawasas...
Granny Sarya lived outside Moscow——完形填空

 Granny Sarya lived outside Moscow. Her only son   1   to Afghanistan(阿富汗) and was killed in action there.Soon after that, her husband lost his job. The old man was always   2   food and clothes.And on a winter night he went out alone when Sarya was asleep. The next morning he was   3   dead in a cold lake. And his worn-out coat was   4   in a tree not far away. Sarya was so   5   that she nearly took her own life.
    Things got worse and worse after that。 She always lived in hunger and cold。 She had hoped that the government(政府) could help her but she    6  。
    It was a cold windy night。 The old woman couldn’t   7   asleep at all。 She had to get up。 She decided to write a letter to God(神), asking for   8  。 She wished God to give her 100 rubles (卢布), so she could buy some food for herself。 When she   9   writing it, she found she had no   10  。 She had to put the   11   at a crossing。   12   the next morning a policeman found the letter。 He read it to his comrades.They were all so   13   that they gathered some rubles and sent them to the poor old woman。
    At first Granny Sarya was happy. But after she   14   the money, she became   15   and said, “I’m told that all things that are touched by the policeman will be only a half left!”
  1. A. sent               B. ran away           C. was sent        D. escaped
  2. A. worried about                                   B. pleased with                     
  C. thinking about                        D. hearing of
  3. A. known             B. found                    C. told                   D. fallen
  4. A. put                B. hanged              C. shown                  D. hung

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