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The generation gap(代沟)has become a 1 problem——完形填空

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导读: Thegenerationgap(代沟)hasbecomea1problem.Ireada2aboutitinthenewspaper.Somechildrenhavekilledthemselvesafterquarrels(争吵)with3.Ithinkthisisbecausetheydon’toftenhaveatalkwitheachother.Parentsnow4more...
The generation gap(代沟)has become a 1 problem——完形填空

 The generation gap(代沟)has become a   1   problem. I read a   2   about it in the newspaper. Some children have killed themselves after quarrels(争吵)with   3  . I think this is because they don’t often have a talk with each other. Parents now   4   more time in the office,   5   they don’t have much time to   6   with their children. As time passes, they   7   feel that they don’t have the   8   topics(话题)to talk   9  . I want to tell parents to be more with your   10  , get to know them and   11   them. And for children, show your   12   to your parents. They are the people who   13   you. So   14   them your thoughts(想法). In this way, you   15   have a better understanding of each other.
  1. A. serious          B. wonderful         C. necessary           D. thankful
  2。 A。 message      B。 call              C。 report               D。 letter
  3. A. friends        B. teachers           C. classmates        D. parents
  4. A. spend         B. stay               C. work              D. have
  5. A. because        B. if                 C. but                     D. so
  6. A. study            B. do                    C. stay                  D. shop
  7. A. neither          B. either              C. all                    D. both   
  8. A. 网络炸金花游戏interesting    B. same               C. true               D. good

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