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Paris has a beautiful name——完形填空

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导读: Parishasabeautifulname,theCityof1.Doyouknow2itmeans?Manybeautifulbuildingsarelightedat3.Thestreetsarevery4.Whenyou5inParis,youmustnotturn6yourheadlights(汽车前灯)evenafterdark.Parisisfulloflifealldayand...
Paris has a beautiful name——完形填空

 Paris has a beautiful name, the City of   1  . Do you know   2   it means? Many beautiful buildings are lighted at   3  .The streets are very   4  .When you   5   in Paris, you must not turn   6   your headlights (汽车前灯)even after dark. Paris is full of life all day and all night. But this is not the   7   reason(原因)for its beautiful name. For hundreds of years, Paris has been the centre of science and art.   8  scientists and artists have come to   9   here. For this reason also, people   10   it the City of Lights.
  1. A. Flowers         B. Cars           C. Lights        D. Rivers
  2. A. what             B. how           C. where        D. when
  3. A. noon             B. night          C. day            D. evening
  4. A. black             B. dark           C. noisy         D. bright
  5. A. walk             B. go             C. drive          D. live
  6. A. off                B. down         C. out            D. on
  7. A. only                     B. other          C. any            D. another
  8。 A。 No                B。 Few           C。 Many         D。A few
  9. A. study             B. drive          C. play           D. have dinner

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