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Mr. Evans lives in a city——完形填空

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Mr. Evans lives in a city——完形填空

 Mr. evans lives in a city. He was a math   1   three years ago. He taught well and his students   2   him. So he decided to work in the middle school all his life. But an accident   3   everything.  
        One spring he took his class to   4   a place of interest. The children saw a lot of   5   things and had a good time there. But on their way to school, their   6   hit by a truck because the young driver was drink. Five students   7   and more than half of the children were badly   __8   in the accident. He didn’t know how it had happened and was   __9   it and after he came out of hospital, he left the school and became a   __10  . He tried his best to stop the drivers breaking the traffic rules. He worked hard and was strict with the drivers. So they are afraid of him.
        One afternoon it was very hot. Mr. Evans was   11  . He was standing at the crossing and watching the traffic. Suddenly he saw a   __12_  rushing towards the crossing. It ran so fast that it almost hit a man   __13   a bike. He stopped it at once and saw a girl in it. “  14   your licence to me, madam,” said Mr. Evans.  
        The girl passed her bag on to him and said, “Please look for it in it 15 . I can’t see anything without glasses.”
  1. A. worker          B. teacher              C. doctor               D. farmer
  2。 A。 liked             B。 wished                     C。 helped               D。 answered
  3. A. beat                     B. won                  C. lost                   D. changed
  4. A. build             B. break                C. visit                  D. find
  5. A. pleasure         B. dangerous         C .safe                  D. 网络炸金花游戏interesting

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