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Where is the university(大学)?——完形填空

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导读: “Whereistheuniversity(大学)?”ThisisaquestionthatmanyvisitorstoCambridge(剑桥)ask.Butnoonecangivethema__1__answer,forthereisnowalltobefound__2__theuniversity.Theuniversityisthecity.Youcanfind...
Where is the university(大学)?——完形填空

 “Where is the university(大学)?” This is a question that many visitors to Cambridge(剑桥)ask. But no one can give them a __1__ answer, for there is no wall to be found __2__ the university. The university is the city. You can find classroom buildings, __3__, museums and offices of the university all over the city. And most of __4__ members are the students and __5__ of the thirty-one colleges(学院).
  Cambridge was already a __6__ town long before the first students and teachers arrived 800 years __7__. It grew up by the river Granta, and the river was once __8__the Cam. A __9__ was built over the river as early as 875. __10__ the town got its name "Cambridge".
  In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries more and __11__ land was used for college buildings. The town grew much __12__ in the nineteenth century after the opening of the railway in 1845. Cambridge became a __13__ in 1951 and now it has a population of over 100, 000. Many young students in __14__ countries __15__ to study at Cambridge. Thousands of people from all over the world come to visit the university town. It has become a famous place all around the world.
  1。 A。 clean             B。 clear                 C。 right                 D。 real
  2. A. around                B. in                 C. near                D. by
  3. A. cinemas       B. parks             C. zoos               D. libraries
  4. A. their             B. his                   C. its                    D. my  
  5. A. parents     B. farmers           C. workers           D. teachers
  6. A. interesting    B. usual              C. developing        D. common
  7. A. before          B. ago                  C. later                 D. after

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