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The Inspector of Schools arrived yesterday morning——完形填空

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导读: TheInspectorofSchoolsarrivedyesterdaymorning,andhespentthewholedayexaminingtheclasses.Theheadmasterhadtoldusafewdays__1thathewascoming.Ithinktheheadmasterwasvery2aboutit,foreveryday,hecametoalltheclas...
The Inspector of Schools arrived yesterday morning——完形填空

 The Inspector of Schools arrived yesterday morning, and he spent the whole day examining the classes. The headmaster had told us a few days    __1   that he was coming. I think the headmaster was very   2   about it, for every day, he came to all the classes,   3   the teachers over and over again what they must do and examined the boys himself to see    __4_  they were ready for the inspector. He told us in our class that we were all fools and would be sure to make him lose face before the inspector. All this made us very nervous; and when the    5   walked into our class we were all very afraid. I felt that all I   6   knew had gone clean out of my   7  . The inspector is a tall man. He wears glasses and always looks very strict. He   8   on examining the class in english, and I was asked to read. I felt very nervous, but I got   9   without any bad mistakes. Some of the other boys,   10  , did not do well and the inspector   11   serious, though he did not say   12  . We got along with history and geography; but when it came to math, he set us some very   13   problems to solve which we failed to do; so he looked very angrily at our teacher. Our teacher was very   14   with us later; but I am sure we should have done better if we had not been so afraid. I think I should like to be   15   when I grow up, because everyone should be afraid of me.
  1。 A before            B。 after          C。 ago            D。 later
  2. A. nervous         B. angry         C. afraid         D. sure
  3。 A。 asked            B。 needed              C。 promised    D。 told
  4. A. whether         B. how           C. why           D. that
  5. A. teacher          B. students      C. headmaster D. inspector
  6. A. never            B. often          C. ever           D. even
  7. A. hand             B finger         C. heart          D mind
  8。 A。 finished         B。 stopped      C。 kept           D。 went

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