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Washoe is a young chimpanzee(黑猩猩)——完形填空

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导读: Washoeisayoungchimpanzee(黑猩猩).Sheisno1chimpanzee,though.Scientistsaredoingresearch(研究)2her.Theywanttoseehowcivilized(驯化)shecan3.Alreadyshecandomanythingsashumanbeingdoes.Forexample,shehasbeenle...
Washoe is a young chimpanzee(黑猩猩)——完形填空

  washoe is a young chimpanzee(黑猩猩). She is no   1   chimpanzee, though. Scientists are doing research(研究)   2  her. They want to see how civilized(驯化) she can   3  . Already she can do many things as human being does.

        For example, she has been learning how to exchange   4   with people. The scientists are teaching her   5   language. When she wants to be picked   6  , Washoe points up with one finger. She rubs her teeth with her finger   7   she wants to brush her teeth. This is done after every meal.

        Washoe has also been trained to find answers to problems. once she was put in a room with food hanging from the top. It was too high to   8  . After she thought about the problem, she got a tall box to stand   9  . The food was still too high to be reached. Washoe found a long stick. Then she climbed onto the   10  , caught the stick and  11   down the food with the stick.

        Washoe   12   like a human, too。 The scientists keep her in a fully furnished(布置好家俱的) house。 After a hard   13   in the lab, she goes home。 There she plays with her toys。 She   14   watches television before going to bed。

        Scientists hope to   15   more about people by studying our closest relative---the chimpanzee.
  1. A. foolish  B. simple  C .real  D. ordinary
  2. A. for   B. on  C .to   D. by
  3.A.experience B. change  C. produce D. become
  4. A. actions  B. ideas  C. messages D. feelings
  5. A. human  B. sign  C. mother  D. animal
  6. A. out   B. at   C. on  D. up
  7. A. when  B. until  C. since  D. while
  8. A. pull   B. see  C. eat  D. reach
  9. A. by   B. on  C up   D. with
  10. A. wall  B. box  C. top  D. stick
  11. A. knocked  B. picked  C. took  D. looked
  12. A. lives  B. works  C. thinks  D. plays
  13. A. task  B. lesson  C. journey D. day
  14. A .quite  B. already C .even  D. still
  15. A. see   B. answer  C. learn  D. copy


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